Wednesday 7 February 2024

Raptors, of the COMC and mailbag variety

 Despite the misery of the season, the almost-complete moving on from the championship season, I'm still tuning into their games with hope for a victory. And I'm still acquiring cards for their binders.

I was optimistic about Koloko after his rookie season - a perfectly fine one for a second rounder. And then the injury bug bit and he didn't play a game this season. Then he was waived in the aftermath of the Siakam trade. Yeah, this post and its collection of players no longer on the roster will depress me as I go through it.
Justin Dentmon played in two games for the Raptors. But that still means I want one of his cards in the binder, even if there was no chance of him being in Raps colours. So, a UD e-pack card of his time in the EuroLeague is a cheap addition.
The name Freeman-Liberty sounds like it belongs to some survivalist compound in the Utah desert, but it is of one of the rookies on the Raptors this season. The name is definitely long enough to defend signing only his initials to the sticker. He's mainly been with the 905 this season, but did get into a game long enough to record his first NBA points against Miami. 
Speaking of the 905, how did I not know there were G-League cards until just before I added this into my COMC inventory? He may not have played a game for the team, but this naturally still counts as a hit for the collection.
The Raptors might not be that interesting now, but at least they aren't as bad as they were in the times of 2002-03 Topps Ten. That was a set with one card for each player in the top 10 of a bunch of categories. The only Raptor that qualified was Chris Jefferies, who was the 9th Small Forward drafted. 

And now, some Raptors from some PWEs from Kerry @ Cards on Cards.
The only numbered card in the bunch was this Kyle Lowry entry out of Cornerstones. This was a short-lived high-end release, which one can tell because the base cards were /165. I tried a box once and the best card was a Walter McCarty auto. 

Here's a bunch of Raptors out of the Hoops Winter edition. This is 5/8 of the team set, missing Trent, Schroder and Barnes.
But Schroder still did make an appearance in the envelopes on this purple base parallel. 
And here's Gradey Dick again. He's having occasional games where he's living up to his draft position. So there's optimism. Take what you can get.
Scottie Barnes may not have been a part of the winter cards, but he was still there as well. Here he is in rookie form.
And here he is in Chronicles form. He's definitely the man in Toronto now, moreso after getting named for the first time to the All-Star team days ago. 
There's always room for a Fred VanVleet appearance, especially out of Court Kings.
And a scanner bed worth of the rest. Parallels, base cards, purple unis! 

There you have it!

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  1. I totally forgot that I already sent you those Hoops Winter cards, and I didn't see them in your TCDB collection, so you'll probably end up with a few doubles. Sorry about that! I've been taking the Raptors regularly in a break group that I'm in as they're usually cheap and it helps defer the cost of shipping. I also volunteered to take the Raptors (and Blazers, of course) from another blogger who was trying to purge his basketball stuff, so there should be some more Raptors-heavy envelopes on the way to you at some point.