Sunday 27 November 2022

Special Cards

 As in Special Teams cards.

I always love coming across cards of kickers and punters in modern sets, especially since they are pretty much forgotten about on most checklists. So, here's a couple autographs with a bit of a historical feel to them. 

As in the only kicker ever to be voted MVP. Sure, it was part of the strike-shortened 1982 season, but when it comes to wanting oddness in your collection, doesn't that make it even greater? And you even get a  Joe Theismann cameo as the holder. And, depending on how juvenile you are, you can have a slight chuckle when you see a jersey #69 in the background. Nice!
A kicker auto deserves a punter auto to go with it. And a Hall of Famer as well. I ordered this a while back, long before Ray's recent passing. It may be more of a printed auto than a written one, but it is still nicely legible, and certainly counts towards my penmanship collection. And he's also certainly the least shameful Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles alum auto that I have. 

There you have it!

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  1. My dad was a fan of those 70's and 80's Raiders... so Guy was a household name. It was sad to hear that he passed away earlier in the month. As for Moseley... I recently either watched a YT video or read a blog post about him being the only kicker to win the MVP Award. Pretty cool pieces of NFL history.