Wednesday 16 November 2022

21-22 Chronicles Basketball Hanger Pack Break


I know I probably should show off some of the baseball stuff out of the very recent Chronicles release, and trust me, I have a lot of those to show off...

whether from group breaks or box breaks, but this has been waiting to be shown off for longer, so that's  what I'm doing today.
First card out of the pack - one of the cover boys!
But of the 6 cover boys on the package, there's really only one that I am chasing, and that's Scottie Barnes. He made 3 appearances in this pack, with only the Threads card being a dupe from a group break. And pack that adds multiple cards to the Raptors PC is a good one.
Evan Mobley  was the only other cover boy to make an appearance in the pack. 
But that just means some more cards for a future Portland-bound mailer.
Or one bound for Ann Arbor.
The pack promised 4 Score cards, and here they are! 
And since they chose to use last year's design as opposed to this year's, we get the 'Fun Facts' on the back. Trae Young really didn't compete on Smackdown, he was just used to heel it up at a show in Madison Square Garden. And it is always fun when a guest star goes for the boos. 
And here's the promised green parallels. They're always better when the parallel colour extends through the whole design of the card, as opposed to just some foil. Elements > Luminance. 
Silver parallels were not promised in the pack, but there was still one to bring some shiny Prizmness to the pack.
And here's a few more designs in the pack that I just didn't show off in the post. Although mainly, this is just my excuse to show a card of a guy named 'Bones'.

There you have it!

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  1. No surprise to me but once again I'm a fan of all the different designs. And thanks for pulling two Wolverines for me!