Tuesday 22 November 2022

Chronicles Baseball Box Break #1 - Packs 4 through 6

 The next 3!

The first bunch of base cards. While I wouldn't expect Whit to be updated on the Jays, there are still Marcus Simien cards with him on the Blue Jays in this release. You'll see those when I do the Toronto post. Other than that, there's another Spencer bound for Ann Arbor shortly.
This  shiny card provides the only parallel in this pack.

Pack 5:
I can finally show off the first Mets card I got from this, with their former catcher making an appearance on that Panini-friendly photo of Patrick Mazeika. I guess 2 cards out of the 8 makes it an Angels...Los Angeles hot pack.
Speaking of that 8th card, here it is! It isn't that common outside of Stadium Club that you get an interesting photo to go with an autograph, but you get that here with a nice post-pitch shot. Not the best looking auto, but at least he added his number to the sticker!

Pack 6:
Your last bunch of base cards. Lopez is the first Blue Jays card, and I lucked out in getting a Wander Franco that I didn't land in that group break random I posted over the weekend. Strider provides another respectable rookie appearance.
My final numbered card. This one is a red parallel. I'm torn between "I really wish it would have been more obvious than just some red foil on the set name" and "If that had a red foil background, it would be so obnoxiously loud".
And it looks like I'll be waiting for the final auto. This would have been a little nicer in hand a couple weeks back, but I'll still be very happy when I can finally add this card to my Blue Jays collection. Looking at some of the other live cards, this should come through as a really nice silver inked on-card autograph. Alas, that is one box, and one break, where the best card is a redemption, but with both of these, they should be worth the wait.

There you have it!

I'll put  my Chronicles posts aside for a bit, but there's still lots more to come!

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