Wednesday 9 November 2022

Better Set Building Through Retail


After these two packs, I have no need to add a wantlist as I knocked my  post-hobby box list in half to less than 20.  But I really don't want to bore you by showing a pile of base cards, but I'll still show some cards off from these.

A defensive player with the ball? That's always worth showing off! Especially considering how few interesting photos are in this year's release.
While I was happy to remove Malik Willis from the wantlist, I'm happier to get another 'guardian caps" photo as well. I also like how the thrown ball seems to come through the border, but not the RC logo. Priorities!
The parallels in these are the 'red' variety, and naturally, they extend through the inserts as well. I guess I'm a magnet this year for pulling red versions of Aidan Hutchinson, which will be Ann Arbor-bound eventually. 
Somebody at Panini must have really loved that 'Protential' pun, because those were the most common insert in these packs. Although I do like the weather on the Garrett Wilson.
The only other rookie-themed set takes you back to 1992. Memories of Pumpy Tudors!
Hobby packs have 'Squad', retail have 'Huddle Up'. It is basically the same thing, although the hobby ones tends to show more defensive photos than the retail. Either way, it might be the only time some of these guys see card appearances, even if it is mostly their backside.
Celebration moves over from hobby to retail. This is probably the most memorable insert set for photos among those I've acquired. The framing on the Justin Herbert is spectacular. The design on the top allows for the ball to appear, yet the horizontal form allows for the dejected defender to also appear in the photo. At least Vonn Bell has other card appearances to show off to his kids.
Much as I liked the photos on the Celebration, the Sack Attack ones come close to being the best of this bunch. There are historic players in this set as well, and as much as I liked getting that Jordan Poyer, I really, really want the Bruce Smith from it. Because it is Bruce Smith and I can't have enough of his cards.

There you have it!

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