Monday 14 November 2022

2022 Adventures in Repacks - Part 37 - Another Hanger With a Hit


Let's do one of these today! Looks like a happy opening card.

There's some star power there with Machado as the first of the non-visible cards. And that's followed up by a Blue Jay, even if Stieb was off the team by the time this hit packs. Logan Moon is the first of what is probably the theme for this particular repack -  Prospect cards of players that didn't reach the majors. That Ricky Guttierez probably is my favourite card in this - with him sporting an obvious St. Patrick's Day cap. 
The hit pops up early. While this qualifies as a prospect card, Thompson did reach the majors for a handful of games with the Blue Jays. And since this does date  from the time when they had an AA affiliate in Knoxville, this 100 percent qualifies as a Jays card.
More prospects. Only Leando made it to AA. I really like the design on the Sasaki, but it would look really nice on a Yankees team set with those pinstripes. 
Of all the base prospects cards so far, Brett Austin made it the furthest, reaching AAA, and being a  bullpen catcher for the Nationals. He's now an assistant coach at NC State. There's some Hall of Fame  mojo in this grouping with the Slaughter,  and a photo that just seems perfect for a set like GQ. Throw in an all-star cap, and at least I can say this was an interesting grouping. 
And the streak of prospects that haven't seen MLB might end with Drew Strotman, as he's progressed all the way up AAA as of this past season. He was just claimed off waivers by the Giants,  so maybe that's  where his eventual big league card will come from.

Some different caps than the usual ones, and a Blue Jays hit are enough to make this a perfectly fine repack experience. There you have it!

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