Sunday 6 November 2022

Bills! Bills! Bills!

 Another Sunday, another chance to show off a pile of Bills cards! Everything here comes from group break land!

Here's a couple cards from Elite that I completely forgot about showing off last time. Oops. But here's one new Josh Allen and one new Stefon Diggs on their way to my binders. And it will become obvious that someone at Panini really, really liked that photo on the Diggs. (As they should)
But this is going to be mainly stuff out of Score. It is a solid team set with good bunch of veterans and legends. Although I do question the inclusion of Cole Beasley as part of it, as there was no chance that he was going to be with the team in 2022. Even moreso now, after his twitter escapades of the past few days, which seems to have ended with his account vanishing.
Two out of three ain't bad for the rookie content. Wydermyer is definitely a questionable member of the checklist. He's already on his third team.
These were the only parallels I landed. 
And the only auto I got from the boxes. If I can't say anything nice, I won't say anything.
I can't end this with that auto, so I'll do the inserts instead. I have never enjoyed Fantasy themed inserts, and likely never will. But here's 3 more new Josh Allens for the binders. 
The defensive portion of the Bills gets highlighted on the 'Squad' insert. Micah Hyde may not have warranted a base card in the set, but he is pretty prominent in this one. 
I said you'd  see that Diggs photo again. Although I still believe that an insert named 'Toe The Line" should really show the player making the catch right up against the edge of the field as opposed to Knox, who looks to have plenty of room, or Diggs, who could be anywhere on the field.
But if results in my getting a /6 parallel of the Diggs? 

I hereby retract all my complaints!

There you have it!

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