Monday 23 December 2019

Year-End Chronicles

As the box-busting year draws to its conclusion, it is a perfect time for yet another box of my favourite product of the year, whether it is basketball or baseball.

Pack 1:
We get the relic out of the way on the first pack. Kris Bryant brings the shininess into this, and with the Acuña I landed last time, it is nice way to start the box by reminding me of one of my better pulls of the year (although the best has to go to 1 of my 2 Gordie Howe-graphs).

Pack 2:
I like those 'big head' Score cards more than any sane human being should. Enough that I wonder what they'd look like if Topps issued a licensed version of these. The Eloy is a /99 Blue Neon parallel.

Pack 3:
Here's another Eloy numbered card, with the Titan being a Ruby Wave parallel. There's the first of the autos in the box, Victor Reyes was a Rule 5 rookie in 2018, but all his rookie cards were in 2019 sets, so this is still a rookie autograph despite it being his second season.

Pack 4:
The blandest of the packs. Moving on...

Pack 5:
But that's better. An autograph, and a the second appearance of Polar Bear Pete!

Pack 6:
It looks like I'm ending on a redemption. But since I haven't managed to get myself a Cavan Biggio autograph yet for my Jays collection, I'm more than willing to wait to add one to my collection. Also, this was a hot box for numbered parallels of guys named Lowe who play for Tampa. This Hyper parallel comes in at /299.

And there you have it! One last baseball box to break for 2019, and that's up tomorrow for Christmas Eve.


  1. This is such a cool product, licensing be damned. Hope you don't have to wait too long for the Cavan auto.

    1. 100% agree with Chris, this product is amazing. I wish more guys I collected were in it but if nothing else I can be happy watching you pull some excellent stuff.