Thursday 5 December 2019

2019 Adventures in Repacks: Part 31.3 - Away Game

I had to buy a second repack while on the road. For 'research'.
And here it is!
It's the throwback cards are really of interest here. While an appearance of The Hammer would normally be an easy winner, there's a Vancouver Blazers card in this group. That automatically wins the group of 8.
It took only 12 cards into this repack for dupes to appear. And they did with the expected 1990 Bowman. Congrats on your 'Star Rookie' card, Ken! Enjoy being mocked as you stumble by a cartoon parrot!
Sure, this might look like the junk wax portion, but the Upper Deck cards are the French versions, as was the Slaney in the previous grouping. That means there's only about 2 million in the print run vs 3 million for the English.
This is another really cool grouping of cards, with several candidates for a favourite. The Shore and the Tretiak are both worthy picks, but I have to go with a celebratory photo. I think that's from the 2004 World Championships in Halifax.
1993 Leaf means you get the back of the card. Although it was a dupe, it is nice to land a Sens card in any repack break, especially as the visible card.

40 more tomorrow!

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  1. I think that's my favorite half of a repack yet! What a great assortment there. I'd absolutely pick up a couple of these for fun if I had the chance.