Monday 9 December 2019

COMC Basketball Randomness

There's never a bad time to hit my COMC-to-be-posted box, so here's some more of those cards as I highlight the basketball content that has been waiting in there for however long it has been.
This card could go in my Raptors collection, my Celtics collection, my Grizzlies collection, or I could separate the cards and add it to all 3. Since I've already got Wright and Williams in those collection, I'm choosing the third of those 4 options, the Grizzlies collection. Amaya was undrafted, but played in 34 gamesin their debut season.
I picked these two up in the same e-pack of Goodwin Champions. Decent enough for having no license.
This guy might be a basketball player. He might also be a janitor that stole Dominique Wilkins' warm ups to pretend to be a player and fool the Topps photographer. Either way, this rivals some 70s hockey cards for overall skeeviness of a photo.
Who says a nice celebration shot can't come from the intros?
Curry has the shortest NBA career in league history. 3.9 seconds. And that's still 3.9 seconds more than anybody reading this has ever come close to.
And a couple autos for the penmanship collection. That classic Warriors jersey Short is wearing is pretty nice too.

There you have it!


  1. A lot of those 96-97 CC tri-cards had common themes, i.e. Sherman Douglas, Derrick Coleman, and Rony Seikaly all shared one, as former Syracuse Orangemen.

    Not sure if there's one or what it would be for Amaya/Wright/Williams

  2. The janitor dude kinda reminds me of Jeff Foxworthy.