Wednesday 11 December 2019

COMC and the 2/14 Misc. Portion

I really have to get caught up on my COMC to-be-posted collection before the next mailer from them arrives. So today and tomorrow will cover the 2/14 content that has been stewing in the box.
Easily the oldest card in this group goes back to 1979 and the James Bond: Moonraker set. Lois Maxwell made one appearance in this set, and while I'm disappointed she wasn't featured in the sticker subset, at least there was this.
Another entry into the binder from the "cheap on COMC because of epacks" methodology.
The 'inventor' portion of the collection is pretty threadbare. I've added cards featuring a Ferris Wheel, since George Ferris was a 2/14 baby. Now, I can add Christopher Sholes to the collection. You are very likely working at his invention right now - the QWERTY keyboard.
Who would have thought that Mayors insert set in 2016 Ginter would pay dividends? But LA Mayor Eric Garcetti is now in the collection. I wonder if he does TTM.
I won't pretend to know the first thing about soccer, or any of the players featured here. But these cards all mark the first appearances of these 4 players in the collection.

And there you have it! Tomorrow, the rest of the new cards with some baseball, hockey and football.


  1. Epack has definitely made for some cheap cards on COMC, that's for sure.

  2. Aww man, I had a bunch of Moonraker cards when I was a kid. I think you just inspired me to get some more.

  3. It'll be interesting to see if any of the mayors in that Ginter set go on to reach the Oval Office at some point.