Sunday 22 December 2019

2019 Adventures in Repacks: Part 34 - The Year End Spectacular!

It is my final repack post of the year. 34 is probably lower than I would like, but considering I did have a few multi-part posts in there, it was closer to the one-per-week I like to average. As for what's so spectacular about this year end post, nothing really. I just wanted to call it a spectacular. So let's see what two hanger packs of basketball can offer.
2018 Contenders - Jayson Tatum - If I can't start with a Raptors card, starting with a Celtics card is also acceptable.
1997 Z-Force - Popeye Jones - But I didn't have to wait long for a Raptors appearance. It is a shame the NHL and NBA licenses are with different companies, since I'd love a Popeye/Seth dual card.
1995 UD - Detlef Schrempf
1993 Stad. Club - Malik Sealy
1990 Hoops - Michael Ainsley
2011 Past & Present - John Havlicek - Celtics card #2.
2004 SPA - Elton Brand
2007 Topps - Al Thornton
1992 Hoops - Rumeal Robinson
1992 Stad. Club - Brian Oliver
1999 Topps - Walt Williams
1989 Hoops - Rex Champman
1992 Topps - John Stockton
1995 Skybox - Patrick Ewing - How do you make the original Skybox release look subdued? Pair it with any mid 90's design.
2002 Sweet Spot - Antoine Walker - A Celtics sandwich!

And the second one!
2015 Prizm - Gary Payton - The Glove starts off this one.
1991 Hoops - Lester Conner
1991 Hoops - Stojko Vrankovic - There's Celtics content here as well.
1994 UD - Mugsey Bogues - Bogues is one of those players for whom it is always a lot of fun to pull a card of.
1990 Fleer - Mark West
2017 Prestige - Dario Saric
2002 Showcase - Lamond Murray - We've got Raptors content in this one as well. While this has the better design than the Raptors card in the first one, I give the player nod to Popeye Jones. So it balances out.
1990 Hoops - Mark McNamara
1992 Skybox - Marty Conlon
1992 UD - Rod Strickland
1992 Skybox USA - PJ Carlesimo
1989 Hoops - Jerry Reynolds - Back to back coach cards.
1997 Hopps - Patrick Ewing
1992 Hoops - Eric Lackner
2004 Ultra Gold - Brian Grant - A die-cut featuring a struggle for the ball between Brian and the 2004 Mr. Lumpy Head Champion is the final repack card for me of 2019.


May I have another (at least) 34 repack adventures in 2020!


  1. Bogues looks so tiny compared to Will Perdue on that card.

  2. A classic loose ball between Brian Grant and Kenyon Martin. Wouldn’t want to get in between them.