Sunday 1 December 2019

Much Ado About Murray

It is definitely a basketball weekend here on the blog, with today being devoted to the non-2/14, non-Raptor that I PC, local product Jamal Murray.
No matter how garish the backgrounds get, I'll still be a fan of Court Kings. They do have the slight problem here of how to work a yellow logo into a design, but they mix it nicely with the blue to avoid a complete 1991 Fleer vibe.
Here's a far more reserved design on one of those leather rookies from 16-17 Threads. The card is supposed to have a leather feel to it. It doesn't really feel that way, but it is still a nice card.
Any chance to include a card from Chronicles must be taken, with the bonus of the photo featuring an alternate uniform.
There was a whole bunch of shininess in the most recent COMC shipment,
along with some more subdued cards, before we get to the main cards of this post.
Here's the lowest numbered card among the Murrays.
And the only hit of the group. This is my 4th relic card of his, and my overall total is now at 63 of his cards, which still gives me the tradingcarddb lead. All probably increase that lead after Cyber Monday at COMC.

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  1. I like the Court Kings backgrounds a lot, the colors are a bit loud but they match the team colors very well.