Wednesday 26 June 2019

Mack Attack

I was planning to show the Bills cards from recent group breaks today, but instead I'm going to show cards from a Cleveland Browns break instead. Much like with the Jags and Tanner Lee last year, I'm picking up the Browns to chase rookie cards and autos of the newest football 2/14 guy - Mack Wilson.
And here's his base card from Legacy. Simple, with the usual early season look of him sporting his college uniform.
And here he is in parallel form, with the yellow parallel.
And finally, my first autograph of the newcomer to the collection. I can't begin to parse it, and he won't qualify for the penmanship binder. But, this is still a nice little hit for the collection, and moves his total to 5 cards, before he's even played a single game.
And for some non 2/14 goodness, here's a card that will nicely fit into my awesome (nick)name collection with Greedy Williams.
And if low-numbered cards of legends are more your thing, here's Ozzie Newsome /25. I really like that this portion of the set actually features two different photos of the player, which seems rare for new(er) releases.

There you have it!

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