Friday 21 June 2019

In Which I (sorta) Build My Own Repack - Part 3

I'm not going to be showing off all 80 cards in the mailer, but will still show a few more highlights from the mailer. And I still have a whole bunch more 2/14 stuff to show off from my latest COMC mailer as well.
My favourite photo of the remaining cards was this one of Milan Hejduk, just casually waiting on the bench for the next line change. So simple, but it really isn't one that you see a lot of in releases nowadays.
Honourable mention to this very patriotic entry for Tom Pyatt.
One of my least favourite designs along with one of my favourites can be seen among the Calle Johanssons in the mailer. If you didn't look at the foil on the 1994s just right, you couldn't tell which player was on the card. The back wouldn't have it listed either. Ah Vintage, with its simplicity. I guess the closest we'll come to that today is the retro parallels in OPC.
Also shiny!
Not as shiny, but still sorta shiny.
Bernie Geoffrion is probably the most under-represented member of my collection. He's a Hall of Famer, but I only have a dozen of his cards in my collection. The problem is that most of his cards are either expensive vintage, or from recent high-end sets. But, here's a couple I was able to add for under 50 cents each.
French Lesson #1.
French Lesson #2. Surprisingly, I don't have the more common English version of this Lowry in the collection.
And your last card, before I send everything to the binder, is this Viktor Kozlov. This is the closest I'd come to a 'hit' in this repack, getting this super limited edition (to 40K) of one of the perfect matches (year as well as date) in the 2/14 collection.

I should probably do this again, although getting to 80 in basketball would be a challenge unless I wanted a repack that was 90% Rip Hamilton cards. Football and baseball are probably do-able.

But there you have it!

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