Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Sports Fan Expo goodies Part 4

So, which cards joined the mask binder after the show? Here you go!
The cheapest of the three, setting me back a whole dime, was this one. The brick wall motif is fairly standard, but the latin graffiti isn't so much. It's a reference to St. Peter, which makes perfect sense for someone named St-Pierre.

These other two came from a 3 for $5.00 bin.
My second card from the 02-03 Between The Pipes that I picked up - both from the same seller. I expressed my love for Hedberg's moose motif before. I won't do so a second time. The body of a penguin, head of a moose is pretty mad-sciencey.
And finally, a relic of a guy who apparently sat on the bench for at least one game to warrant a card. Another standard motif in mask land - this being the stuff that looks like a heavy metal cover.

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