Sunday, 18 August 2013

Basketball Repack Fun! - Part 2

This time, starting with the Skybox.

38 Bill Cartwright
101 Mike Smrek
280 Erik Johnson
115 Rickey Green
95 Tim Hardaway
11 Dominique Wilkins
161 Brad Lohaus
62 Brad Davis
163 Paul Pressey
237 Drazen Petrovic
261 Rod Strickland
78 Fat Lever
112 Otis Thorpe
28 Dell Curry
41 Michael Jordan

I don't care what the brand is or what the era is. It is always great to pull a Michael Jordan card from a pack. Past that, there are two more HOFers here with Wilkins and Petrovic (who I'd completely forgotten had played for the Blazers at one point), as well as Mike Smrek. Back when he and Bill Wennington were the only Canadians in the NBA, their stats would always make the paper. And something I didn't know unitl I wiki'ed him - Rickey Green scored the NBA's 5 Millionth point.

Off to Fleer!

181 Nate McMillan
130 Kenny Walker
60 John Salley
160 Charles Williams
96 Orlando Woolridge
28 John Paxson
57 Vinnie Johnson
12 Patrick Ewing - All Stars Insert
149 Kevin Johnson
25 Craig Hodges
93 Earvin Johnson
157 Jerome Kersey
165 Rodney McCray
101 Glen Rice

Ugh. Dupes from the other pack. Still, you gotta love Sky Walker rocking the flat top.


237 JJ Redick
180 Corey Magette
218 Jannero Pargo
6 Rafer Alston (Shiny!)
84 Wayne Ellington
92 Rudy Fernandez

I'd say next please, but I do like the photo on Ellington, and the fact the inset picture does give a decent look at the '00' memorial stripe for Kevin Duckworth.

Absolute Memorabilia.

66 Jonny Flynn
8 Deron Williams
50 Andre Iguodala
92 Darren Collison
69 Rudy Gay
10 - All-Stars - Chris Bosh
88 Robin Lopez
31 Chris Bosh
17 Kevin Love
59 Jason Richardson
82 Juwan Howard
12 Dirk Nowitzki
54 DeJuan Blair
96 Emeka Okafor
39 David Lee
26 - All-Stars - Steve Nash
35 DeMar DeRozan
78 Chris Kaman
63 Jamal Crawford
21 Kevin Martin
5 Kobe Bryant

A Raptor! A former Raptor! A future Raptor! Good star power as well, but that's to be expected with a non-SP base set of only 100.

And finally, Classics.

90 Gerald Wallace
48 Deron Williams
6 Tim Duncan
64 Andre Iguodala
22 Blake Griffin
106 Nick Anderson /250
56 Toney Douglas
14 Aaron Brooks
71 Joakim Noah
28 Monta Ellis

I'm not a fan of having the action behind the featured played removed, but here, they really work with the solid team colours. Looking at some of the COMC scans, it is even better with teams that have very distinctive colours, such as the Celtics and Lakers. And the closest thing to a hit in the re-package with the numbered Anderson.

Lots of fun with this one, with an interesting variety of sets. Every pack at least had something worthwhile about it, in terms of star power, or interesting photos. And that's what you want from repacks.

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