Thursday, 29 August 2013

Repack-o-rama! Day 1!

I've realized I'm coming up on my one year anniversary of blogging about the joys of repacks, and other retail-y methods of collecting. With diversions into LCS and COMC goodies as well. So, with the 1 year mark being tomorrow, I'll spend a few days with repacks. I'll start with a trip to the Dollarama, and the ol' 15 cards for a dollar hanger packs.

Repack #1:

Visible cards:
2009 Between The Pipes - Nicklas Backstrom
2008 Collector's Choice - Senators Team Leaders

A Senators card and a mask binder card to start the deal. Not bad. It is usually a good sign for the pack when there's two binder candidates visible. Unfortunately, it was pretty much downhill from there. Lots of early 90s stuff.
The only other cards of note was a Manny Fernandez for the mask binder.

Also, a Radek Martinek. I'm highlighting it because it was the only other card form outside the early 90s in the repack. Sometimes you win with these, sometimes not so much. Oh well, I needed to restock my geocaching swag bag anyhow.
And speaking of geocaching, here's something nifty I pulled out of one of them about a week or so ago. It's from a 1988-89 Esso Stars set.

Repack #2:

Visible cards

2010 Victory Mike Cammalleri
2008 Between the Pipes Jimmy Howard
Seriously, I can't start putting together Wolverines alumni care packages too soon. Especially when I have feelers out for something interesting. And a mask binder card in the Howard. The nice view of the Grand Rapids jersey doesn't hurt either.

The rest? Not quite as junk waxy.
Some recentish Upper Deck stuff.
Sure, this one's an early 90s card, but it is a great photo. And definitely good enough for the mask binder.
And finally, one of a player that never really lived up to the hype. When he started in the OHL, he was considered to be the next great player and high draft pick to come out of the OHL. While the latter came true as he went 4th overall, he only played 79 NHL games, and routinely makes lists of biggest draft busts.

Overall, more binder cards give a slight nod to the second repack, but there really wasn't too much there beyond that. But that's the risk you take with repacks. You hope for some keepers you had no idea about hiding in there. I guess the Cloutier is the one that qualifies for that.

Repack-o-rama continues later today. Or tomorrow.

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