Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Sports Fan Expo goodies Part 3

Hey, big spender!

I didn't go too hog wild at the Fan Expo. Most of my small collection were hits of the 1 dollar, 2 dollar or 3 for $5 variety. The most expensive purchase was a 2011 UD Stanley Cup Bruins set. But, there were still 3 items that went beyond that.

I'd finally hit ship on an order from Chapters.ca on Bob Motley's book "Ruling Over Monarchs, Giants & Stars", and am enjoying giving it a quick read. So, when I saw this card appear in a $5.00 bin, I quickly grabbed it. It might be hard to tell, but the relic in question isn't a bat, but a seat relic from Forbes Field. My only complaint is that he's pictured as being with the Crawfords as opposed to the Homestead Grays, who played in Forbes. It's a minor complaint. There's also a slight bulge on the relic, right down the middle. I'm thinking these seats might not have been the most comfortable things.
This was my most expensive single card of the day, clocking in at $7.00. It's all about the Lanny McDonald. I've wanted a swatch of his for a bit now. But I wanted one where he was pictured as a Flame, and a swatch that was Calgary colours. There were white swatches out there, but that could have been from any team. There were ones out there with blue swatches and a Flames picture? Why? This one here is far more likely to be a Flames swatch, unless it was from the arm portion of a Rockies jersey. In which case, I might like the card even more. Although I can't find any other scans of the card where the Lanny swatch is blue, so I'm betting on Calgary.
And finally, a $3.00 card. Why? I'm not an Atkins fan, and the low numbering /15 isn't relevant. I simply like how three of the four swatches have pinstripes. For something numbered this low, I don't think it is too much to ask for at least two colours to be part of the swatch.

Now with all the costly stuff out of the way, maybe now I can devote the rest of the week to stuff that was a toonie or less.


  1. Nice cards, that Gibson is awesome!

  2. I agree, that Gibson card is an absolute find. Nice grab!

  3. I'm with the others, that Gibson is terrific! Excellent find!