Saturday, 17 August 2013

Basketball Repack Fun! - Part 1

About a week and a half ago, I purchased a repack box at Target with 10 packs of basketball cards. I guess I've waited long enough to post them! Mind you, I've still got a 100 card baseball repack box sitting to the side from June that I STILL haven't got around to posting the goodies from. Maybe it will be worth the wait when I finally get around to it.

Likely not.

Anyhow, here's the packs in the repack.

1 Pack 1990 Skybox
2 Packs 1990 Fleer
2 Packs 2009 Adrenalyn
1 Pack 2010 Classics
1 Pack 2010 Authentic Memorabilia (rack)
1 Pack 2008 First Edition
1 Pack 2009 First Edition
1 Pack 2009 Studio (rack)

I'm splitting it over 2 posts, so in attempt to keep the piles of cards about even, I'll start with the 2 UDs, the Studio, and 1 each of Fleer & Adrenalyn.

Oldest first, so let's go to one of the Fleers.

83 LaSalle Thompson
189 John Stockton
61 Isiah Thomas
131 Gerald Wilkins
152 Kurt Rambis
29 Will Perdue
97 James Worthy
161 Danny Young
10 David Robinson - All Stars Insert
52 Vinnie Johnson
127 John Newman
149 Kevin Johnson
25 Craig Hodges
93 Earvin Johnson
157 Jerome Kersey

Yeah. It's junk wax era. But, damn if I wouldn't have loved to bust a pack like this at the time. 5 future Hall of Famers out of 15 cards. There are also a couple of other memorable players in the bunch too with Kersey and KJ. And a cult favourite in the Rambis. Other than the era, I've got no complaints about the content with this one.

Time to jet off to 2008.
5 Josh Smith
69 Jermaine O'Neal
89 Mike Conley
263 Kevin Love
256 Richard Hendrix
170 Michael Finley (Gold)
SQ-24 Dirk Nowitzki
194 Antawn Jamison
133 Carlos Arroyo
136 JJ Redick

This was a little blander in terms of talent, but at least there are some great pictures to make up for it. And that's what you want from any sort of Upper Deck base product. And a Kevin Love rookie is still a nice card.

Same product. Different year.
60 Mike Dunleavy
24 LeBron James
155 Manu Ginobli
25 Mo Williams
195 Austin Daye (Gold)
SA-2 LeBron James
156 Roger Mason
117 Danilo Gallinari
74 Sasha Vujacic
27 Delonte West

Better star power here, although the drop off is a little noticeable after the pair of Lebrons. Still, it is a pair of Lebrons, and you can't really complain about that. Unless you really hated the Cleveland Cavaliers at the time. I really liked the picture choice for Manu's card.

186 Eric Maynor
246 John Salmons
12 Dwight Howard Extra Signature
292 Shawne Williams
263 Hasheem Thabeet
178 Kevin Love

This was annoying. No numbers on the game cards, so I had to look them up at COMC and zistle. A 300 card set with no numbers on them. How would you like to hand collate that? Apparently the Howard is a somewhat rarer parallel.

And let's wrap it up with some Studio.

50 Francisco Garcia
92 Andrea Bagnani
69 Derrick Rose
12 Tim Duncan
54 Shaquille O'Neal
131 Hasheem Thabeet
141 Taj Gibson
142 Jrue Holiday
114 Norm Nixon
113 Mitch Richmond
8 Devin Harris - Studio Essence Insert
45 Russell Westbrook
87 Luke Ridnour
30 Jason Richardson
73 Elton Brand
3 Kobe Bryant
61 Rashard Lewis
19 Jason Terry
42 Ryan Gomes
99 Caron Butler
115 Paul Westphal
116 Rick Barry
132 Jonny Flynn
133 Wayne Ellington
134 BJ Mullens
8 Brandon Roy
66 Dwayne Wade
24 Rasual Butler
81 Troy Murphy
38 OJ Mayo

I can't complain about too much here. A nice number of players. My first Raptors card of the bunch. And a bonus new card for my 2/14 binders with the Mullens. I'm the only person on the planet, who, when opening a pack that contains Shaq, Kobe, Dwayne Wade and Derrick Rose, is most excited about Byron Mullens. A nice variety of players in the veteran section as well, and major points for the usage of the older logo for the Westphal. It's nice not to see the usual suspects in that portion of the checklist. Although the collation of that portion was very questionable.

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