Sunday, 11 August 2013

Catching Up - Part 2 - A Sunday Surprise

A trip to the dollar store for a binder and pages to house 2013-14 Hockey means I can't just walk out of the store without purchasing some sort of repack. So, a Surprise box it was. I ended up with 3 decades packs - 80s, 90s and 2010s, and a one card relic pack.

Let's start with that one.

OK. I confess that I had no clue who Kevin Nastiuk was. Looking him up at hockeydb shows he never played a minute in a game for the Hurricanes, or any NHL team. I'm guessing he might have been an emergency call-up from the WHL, and spent his time on the bench. I guess that's still enough to be considered to have appeared in an official NHL game and be awarded a card. Despite unfamiliarity with him, it's still a nice bright swatch, and the card will fit nicely in my masks binder.
Here's the 80s cards. The Dionne is the obvious highlight among these, even though the green border doesn't really work at all with the Kings colours.
Here's the 90s pack. For me, naturally, I'm happiest to welcome a new Kozlov to my 2/14 binder. It puts the total # of cards in that binder now at 399. I haven't added any of the 13-14 OPC yet, or the pair that came in with my sportlots order, or the COMC stuff currently on the way, so I'll be blowing past the 400 mark very soon.

As for the rest, I really do like the design on the Platinum card. It's an interesting way to highlight the player without completely turning out the background, as happens with many high end base bards. Pro Set only did this with a handful of cards in the set. Disappointing.

Andrei Kvartalnov never played in the NHL, but his brother Dmitri did play for Boston for a couple seasons.

Finally, 4 cards from the 2010s. A pretty good collection of NHLers, and Binnington was a 3rd rd pick of the Blues. Another mask binder card.

Each pack in the repack contained one sure keeper for my binders, with a couple also probably on their way to the misc. binders. Not a bad adventure in repack land.

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