Monday 7 September 2020

PWE Chronicles

 Today, it is a PWE that arrived from Kerry @ Cards on Cards a few weeks back. 

There was but a single baseball card in the envelope, but this does make its way to my 2/14 collection as the 28th Dave Dravecky card in it. This is the glossy parallel to the regular '87 Fleer Update which I already had. 

Rip Hamilton move to 73 cards with this new addition to the binders. He maintains a 30 card lead over the second place Gheorghe Muresan. 

We are going right back to the expansion draft with these cards. They're both listed with the Raptors, but neither one played a game for the team. Kersey was merely waived. Tyler fell asleep with an ice pack on his ankle, suffered permanent nerve damage as a result and was forced to retire. 

Here's the rest of the Raptors content to wrap the envelope up. As a bonus, you get a Vancouver Grizzlies cameo with the Salley card! WOO-HOO!


  1. Voting for the Vince Carter.

    I'll keep the jokes about the Canadian military to myself. :)

  2. I'm sure I've heard of worse ways to end a career, but I've never heard of anyone accidentally giving themselves nerve damage via ice pack. Yikes!

  3. Seeing that VC Scrapebook card brings back memories. They made memorabilia cards out of the fatigues he's wearing in that photo and I pulled one of them back in the day. I sold it when I dumped my collection in 2002, but picked up another copy a few years ago.