Tuesday 12 September 2023


 Or "2023 Adventures in Repacks - Part 25"

I told myself I wouldn't get one of these - unless I came across a Josh Allen one. 

As the title says - sucker.jpg. At least I can say I bought this Pre MNF when optimism flowed through me. At least he (probably) didn't call for the draw on 2nd and 15 in OT.
Here's a look at the entire tin design. It looks like one of those rare Color Blast designs from Prizm. So there's that.
And the as-advertised packs. That Josh Allen on the 2022 packaging was as close as I got to and Bills content inside the tin. Also...Matt Corral? I know last year's QB class was questionable going in, but really?
Let's see if I got more value from the cards within than the tin. Well, at least I got more a shiny card in here (a green ice parallel), and a couple cards to fatten up a future trade package to Ann Arbor. 
Texans hot pack! And more shininess! McCourty is probably as close as I'll ever come to having a player in the NFL with my last name. 
That's a Gold Lazer parallel for the Parsons. Because of course they need a completely unnecessary 'Z' in there. 
And of course the Allen pack contains nothing but base cards, but at least it probably had the biggest star power among the 4 packs.

But yes, sucker.jpeg really applies. 

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