Monday 11 September 2023

Bills Mega Post!


The season doesn't start until your favorite team kicks off, so it starts officially this evening. This makes it the perfect day to show off all the Bills cards, both from group breaks and COMC, that have shown up recently.

While nothing will hit the greatness of that Gem Masters of Jim Kelly shown off last week, there was still pretty nice stuff in there.
Here's the team set. While we can welcome Damien Harris to the roster, you have to feel sorry for O'Cyrus Torrence. Despite having such a great name, he might be the only rookie not to be listed with the new team. He was a second rounder, so why did he not get the dignity of being listed with the team, as even undrafted players were?
Josh Allen, as expected, is all over the insert portion of the set.
"We have a lot of his stickers left over from his rookie season - let's use 'em here!". Although with James Cook probably sliding into the starting RB position this year, it really doesn't give a sticker dump vibe. Yet.
Here's the base portion of Legacy. Maybe I shouldn't be complaining about the background being wiped in favour of a white background, because that red is a little obnoxious. The Legends looks nice for a set named Legeacy that is supposed to have an older feel to it, with the rookies portion being fine. For a set made-up as such with half being current stars and the other half being legends and rookies, this is what I expected from the checklist. 

I better get used to lots of Dalton Kincaid. 
No base inserts, but here's parallel of one. Bruce is probably my favourite all-time Bill (Jim Kelly's 2/14 status notwithstanding), so the more cards of his the merrier. 
Even if this technically isn't a Bills card, it is my first autograph of their 2023 #1 Draft Pick. The full name for this insert set is "Rookies Premium Penmanship Ruby". Calling that signature either Premium, or even Penmanship is a bit of a stretch. But, Beggars. Choosers. And all that.
Luminance! Here's a set that brings some great photo choices into the collection. Some players get to double up in this set, and Josh Allen is one of them. There aren't enough cards of Allen that feature him hurdling some unfortunate defender. I did fail to land my first Justin Shorter card in this.
Josh can also posterize defenders with a foot still on the ground. 

There is no doubt as to this being a Bills card. These are among the first NFL on-card autographs available, so that's a nice little bonus. At least I don't have to worry about Kincaid developing a wrist injury while signing all these cards. And if he performs at a level worthy of his draft status and hype as the top TE picked, I won't care. 

And I might as well squeeze in some COMC additions as well.
Remember Brian Brohm's time in Buffalo? He made a few starts, when the Bills were playing out the stretch as yet another miserable season would down. He did manage a 17.9 QB Rating in 2010, the season this card is from. That's only 17.9 higher than I managed.
Am I the type of person that would rely on an obvious sticker dump to add Bryce Brown into my Bills binders? Yes. Yes, I am.
Baylon Spector was a 7th rounder last year, but he made the team and got into some games. Which is better than many 7th round picks. He's still on the team this year, albeit on injured reserve.
From the 7th round to the 1st! Kaiir Elam, despite being a 1st rounder, didn't have any autographs as a Bill. Even collegiate products by Panini provided sparse options. But he was all over Wild Card products. So, with so many options, I might as well pick a rarer one. This blue laser parallel is limited to 5 copies. That's the number he's sporting in the photo. Every card in the print run is an ebay 1/1! 

There you have it!


  1. I hope you have as good a start to your season as I had to mine!

  2. An auto is an auto, even if it's just the initials haha