Sunday 3 September 2023

Sportlots 2/14s

 Just a few random 2/14 additions I threw in while set-building through sportlots at 20 cents a pop.

Darrick Brilz has a grand total of 2 base cards out of mainstream releases. I now have both of them. Somehow, I got the Special Effects parallel of this before adding the regular base card. 

There's always room for David Garrard content. Both in parallel and base form. If I'm ranking 2/14 QB content, and David is the one I'd try to stash on the practice squad as the #4 guy, that's a really deep (imaginary) roster.
Sure, it isn't a vintage Obak. But reprinted fronts are fine.
Even moreso with that factoid on the back. And I'm sure any catcher that was a little too slow to get a bouncer in the dirt thanks him.

There you have it!

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