Saturday 23 September 2023

Chasing Jaxon


More Seahawks group break cards, as I try to add some cards of Jaxon Smith-Njigba into the 2/14 collection. Here's some of the results of that, along with all the non-JSN content out of Score and Luminance. 
The Veteran base from Score. At least there's a nice variety of uniforms among the photos.
The rookie portion of the base set provides my first JS-N card in the post.
The inserts provide cards #2 and #3 for the binders.
If I had to pick a highlight among the non 2/14 content, it might be Geno Smith's appearance in the Breakthrough insert set. It is generally a set featuring younger talent, but there's Geno in it, drafted in 2013. Long live checklist oddities!

I didn't get in any Legacy breaks with Seattle, but Luminance was there, to at least provide me with some nice photos in case I got skunked elsewhere.
Here's the veteran base cards. That Metcalf is a beauty of a photo, even if he didn't catch the pass on that play.

As for rookie base cards, that was a complete blank. But, that doesn't matter too much.
After all, there's this /35 teal parallel of one of those rookie base cards to help take the edge off. Great picture too, even if outrunning Rutgers wasn't the biggest accomplishment over the past couple years. And if fireworks patterns aren't enough to wow you, maybe a signature will. 
My first autograph of him for my 2/14 collection! While it probably could use a little more detail, any ink in the collection is good ink when you're looking for an autograph to give your PC a little boost. While I'll probably look for at least one more - I'd want a more proper Seahawks uniform graph, and still need even a single card of him in a Seahawks uniform, I'll probably slow down on Seahawks group break purchases for the time being. 

But there you have it!