Tuesday 5 September 2023

More Retail Ripping


My favourite release, or the product with a Bill on the packaging? Let's bust both! 

First out of the Chronicles is the base design. With a late/post-season release date, that's plenty of time to include a photo of an alternate jersey sported during the season.
A bunch of base cards from the non-foil portion of the set. I didn't even notice that I got an Andrew Nembhard for my fledgling Canadian-in-the-NBA collection from the first pack of these, so I'll point it out here on the Pinnacle card. There's my first Vertex card from this, and a nice selection of cards with nice full-bleed photos from Luminance. 
Only one teal card in this pack, but at least it is (sort of) a jersey match.
Two foil/chrome/prizm/metal cards, both providing repeat players from before. Since those had alternate jerseys on, those are easily superior to these. 
The hanger exclusive Classics.
And their back facts end the pack.

Off to Score - 30 is a little too many for scanning - I'm only hitting the highlights here.
First card out - an OL card! That's a nice little modern set rarity.
Not too much in this pack in terms of interesting photos - I guess the best in this one goes to Jones' cradling the ball like he's holding his first born while running across a battlefield in some cheesy 80s film.
Alternate uniforms/helmets are in this set too! 
Even with a far, far scarcer parallel on the way, it is still nice to pull a Bills card here.
Somewhat surprisingly for a Panini release, where the rookies are usually SPd in relation to the rest of the base, here they do make up the most numerous part of the base cards in the pack. And for those who like interesting collation, Johnson Jr, Wilson and Robinson went back-to-back-to-back in the draft, 6 though 8. LaPorta and Mingo were second rounders, while Dye was undrafted. 
Here's the parallels! A nice mix of players too with a current star, a retired legend and a rookie. The best thing here is the listed position of 'Return Specialist' on the Hester. That's a position that probably appears less frequently than even an Offensive Line one.
These packs tend to be rather insert heavy. Fortunately for me, my favourite one in Celebration is the one that made the most frequent appearance. Jaylen Waddle appeared in this insert set last year - but this year they finally decided to use his Waddle celebration.
Here's the rest. That horrible 'Protential' pun needed to disappear the first time it was even proposed. Bijan Robinson was the only player I doubled up on in this pack. Given the size of the base and insert sets, doubling up on anybody in a Score pack seems rare.

There you have it!

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  1. I'm glad they kept the price point for Score at $7 so I could try a pack or two. Thanks for showing off the cards!