Wednesday 15 March 2023

Mailbag: Miscellany

 Not the most voluminous ending to my recap of the TMV mailer, but it has to end on something, and a small number of cards for my player PCs is going to be how it does.

The only Delgado cards where there is no question as to which binder they'll end up in are his Marlins cards. Direct to his binder with no chance of stopping in one of the team collection ones!

Vlad Sr. is lurking in the background of that Weaver co-signers card. That's enough to qualify it for the Vladdy collection. And still, I have some of those odd Moments & Milestones cards to show off. 
Expos Vladdy! 

There you have it, as yet another great TMV mailer ends. And just in time for me to have a new mailer ready to go stateside when I make my next trip to a post office.

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