Monday 6 March 2023

2023 Adventures in Repacks - Part 7.1 - A Hundred Hanger

 I've had this around for about 6 months - I guess that's long enough to wait before showing everything off!

Here's the package. One rather basic set for a starter card, and one that's nice and foil-y.
Although AJ Bouye does make frequent appearances in the larger base sets, since he played on the defensive side of the ball, he was never a marquee player in the more hit-based products. That's a perfectly fine start. 
The starting card might not have been foil-y, but the card behind it was, and it makes it a back-to-back Jaguar to start. There's a couple of sets that will appear frequently in this repack, with the 1996 Stadium Club and 2010 Prestige showing up for the first time. Harvey Williams also shows up for the first time. Brown and Droughns provide content for future mailers to alumni collectors. 
Bills content! WOO-HOO! Manziel was all over the covers of products during his draft year. Now, he's repack filler. The 1986 design, with its gridiron background, is a very nice look, although I can't see a dark background being too popular today with those that want the new stuff graded immediately (THE CORNERS! 9.5 ONLY! NOOO!). There's Harvey Williams #2, and the first of many cards from that Texas set. 
Another Bills card! Even if it is Trent "At least I'm not JP Losman" Edwards. That Prestige of Jennings is an Orange Extra Points parallel. While the basketball ones were /499, these weren't. That Ricky Proehl features a throwback Cardinals from 1994. With the plain helmet as well, they're frightfully boring. Brandon Weeden continues the Browns QB misery. Who would have imagined that there would be issues with drafting a 28-year old in the first round? 

There's the first 1/4! 

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