Thursday 16 March 2023

2023 Adventures in Repacks - Part 8 - Hanging Packs

 Another one of those two pack hanging repacks from Wally World.

The first one contained a pack of 21 Topps UK and 21 Ginter. Definitely different content this time around. 

I didn't bust too much flagship last year - I went all-in on Heritage. I'm actually looking forward to digging into that pack.

Mets content is a fine start to this. 

Another fun aspect of this pack - alternate uniforms. Since the jersey numbers on the City Connect Giant uniforms were kinda unique, I actually like that the photo shows those off instead of the more generic jersey front.
These nice-looking Royal Blue parallels fell every 1:10 packs in the retail environment. Or about one per blaster, which I'm assuming is where these originated from. I like that these pop nicely, but aren't eye-bleedingly obnoxious.
And there was an insert, too!

Off to the Select!
This pack was all over the place. The Cruz is the base in the retail, continuing somewhat of a trend in Select where the base hobby are different from the base in retail. I guess it makes retail a little more of a draw for hobby-only types. That Mullins is also a retail-exclusive parallel. Then there's an insert, and an actual hit. It is a St. Louis card, so that's going aside for my next mailer to Cards on Cards.

If you can't pull a nice card for your PC, pulling a card for your trade partner is just as enjoyable.

There you have it!

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