Friday 3 March 2023

Mailbag: Mets


Back to the TMV mailer for the Mets content contained within. At least with most of this card having the space taken up by the manupatch, you're not focusing on the picture, of which Schinden looks more like a 60-year old bait salesman than a rookie pitcher.

A whole bunch of miscellany.
And here are some numbered Mets. There's another one of those still-odd Moments and Milestones cards. I could probably fill up a binder of them, and still not have the 'base' set of them. Even Topps can lay an egg once or twice. It got #2 on a TCDB poll of worst sets, and is worth every bit of venom sent its way. That doesn't mean I won't gladly add cards from that set to my binders.
Start with autos, end with autos. PJ Conlon only appeared in 3 games for the Mets, and in MLB, but he was the first player born in Northern Ireland in more than a century to have made the big leagues. He might only be the back-up this season with Omar Narvaez but at least this makes this portion of the mailer topical! 

And there you have it!

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