Tuesday 7 March 2023

2023 Adventures in Repacks - Part 7.2 - A Hundred Hanger


Both Prizm and a star player! That's a really great way to start off the second half of the first 50.

Looks like the Harvey Williams content will continue on both sides of the first portion. While that Gold Medallion parallel is pretty nice, the Kirkendoll Texas card is the one that really hits my sweet spot, since this set was the only one where he made any sort of appearances. I love obscurity!
I sometimes wonder who the absolute worst person I've posted a card of on this blog was. I've posted a card of Rae Carruth. There was that 2/14 billiards guy who is on the Ohio sex offender registry for gross indecency with a 12-year old. There was Mike McBain, although he's on the registry on Nevada. I voluntarily added a Milton Bradley auto, unaware of his loathsomeness.  And now, there's Anthony Smith. He's been convicted in the murders of 3 people, and the jury deadlocked on #4. Quite the contender! 

And yes, that's our friend Harvey Williams on the Platinum card. The Alshon would be nice, but is a 2/14 dupe. 
Harvey Williams #3.  He'll vanish in the second half. Warren Moon brings some Hall of Fame content to this, and I like the close-up Edgar Bennett as one of the better photos in this portion, probably just behind the Abdul-Jabbar as my favourite. 

A perfectly fine repack experience so far, if not for the murderer's appearance. 

There you have it.

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