Thursday 23 March 2023

A Hanger Pack of 22-23 Hoops


Time for a relaxing break of some sweet, sweet retail.

While Raptors content is moot after a group break landed me a team set several times over, pulling one  is even better.
Here's a couple cards that will be outward bound in mailers to a couple of alumni collectors. 
Maybe I should have waited until this year to build a set, since the Tribute portion this year wasn't SPd to the rate of 1-per-hobby box like last year. 
The rookie portion did include a Bennedict Mathurin for my Canadians in the NBA mini-collection. So I'm calling this a successful break!
Here's a couple of my favourite photos. There's a great action shot, and I love ones that show the entire court behind the featured player. And rebounding is an underrated theme for a photo on a basketball card.

Parallels! That Mitchell is one of the Teal Explosions that the pack hyped up. In an interesting collation quirk, I also got the base cards of both these players back-to-back.

And a couple of inserts. I can connect that Grffin card to the Raptors - he's the son of Raptors Assistant Coach (and perpetual head coaching candidate after a job opens up) Adrian Griffin. 


  1. I'm really liking this design. Really feels like Hoops. That Ingram is a great shot. The photos in Hoops seem really good this year. Fun post!

  2. I'm happy for retail basketball too...and it's not that overpriced! Enjoyed that Ingram too.