Thursday 2 July 2020

The Set Build Continues

The 2020 Score set build continues with some retail, with this consisting of a blaster and a hanger pack.
My favourite base card in these items is another one that features a defensive player holding the ball - football's version of a pitcher at the plate photo.
My favourite fun facts in these - anybody for pizza?
Naturally, there are parallels in these. The golds are exclusive to the blasters.
With the reds being available in the jumbo hanger packs.
There are inserts as well that are retail-exclusive. This is likely my favourite, since it salutes the defensive players that always seem to fall off the main set checklists.
Deep Dive? Yeah, this one's pretty out there.
But at least you can see the full photo on the back.
Do the inserts also have parallels? Naturally!
And each blaster does promise a relic card. Freshman Flashbacks is Panini's way of saying that they still had a Brandin Cooks jersey around from his first season, so they decide to relic dump them in this product. Better than nothin', I guess.

There you have it!


  1. So they still have Brady as a Patriot.

    Cooks is a good player for a relic card. I've gotten plenty of relic cards of scrubs.

  2. Wow. The font for the fun facts is so tiny on the back of those cards... I'd go blind trying to read them.

  3. The dive cards are different, I'll say that. Score inserts are getting kind of stale so it's cool to see them try something new.