Sunday 12 July 2020

Mailbag: One! Two! Three Complete Sets! Ah Ah Ah!

The mailbag finally re-opens after waiting for a trio of mailers to arrive.
Courtesy of a mailer from Dennis @ Too Many Manninghams, here's the final card from 2018 Optic.
From the same mailer, here's the final 8 cards from last year's Score football. That's been replaced on the wantlist with the only 2 cards I didn't get in my hobby box, retail or LCS build from this year's release.
The final set builder damage to my wantlist is this, although I'd already checked this one off when Dennis told me it would be in a future mailer.

In fact, with cards currently in my COMC inventory, I've finally finished the base set of Rookie Anthology.

That's 92 rookie/auto/relics out of 249 in hand/COMC, the Filip Forsberg that was actually /125 in hand, a redemption that never got fulfilled (JT Miller), 1 redemption that may or may not come through (Jonas Brodin), and another one:
that also may or may not come through (even though these did go live at one point). I saw a group break and bought the Blues slot specifically to chase this redemption, and BAM it came through. Whether it does or not, I'm still calling this set as complete as it can be.

Whew. It was worth the wait for this.


  1. Wow, congrats on your luck nabbing the Tarasenko in the break! And don't forget I still have the Anthology Connor Murphy in my COMC port for whenever I can get that shipped.

  2. Congrats on the Tarasenko! That Score set is definitely worth completing. Such a great design.