Saturday 19 November 2022

Chronicling the Rays

 Another team from a date with the Randomizer! And there is some real potential with this slot, as it landed on Tampa. That means I am chasing some Wander Franco stuff.

Most teams seem to have a nice mix of veterans and rookies in their team list. Tampa was definitely an exception here. This Brandon Lowe from Spectra was the only one that didn't have the RC logo on it.
As you can see here with this Josh Lowe. I really like the Luminance card, although the helmet flying off his head, mid-air, had me thinking there was some sort of ghastly smudge on my scanner that I needed to clean off. No - just a  perfect photo, with the shading making that portion of the picture seem a little off. That's a picture that would work nicely as-is on a flagship Topps card.
The fewest # of rookie cards I got of a player were 2, these of Vidal Brujan. Obsidian was the most commonly seen set in hobby boxes, at a rate of one-per-pack. 
The most appearances goes to Shane Baz. With that silver-y Phoenix parallel in the bottom corner, he also provided the only base parallel from this break.

But when you landed Tampa in a random, you're wanting to see lots of Wander Franco cards show up. And lots of Wander certainly did.
Just one behind  Baz in terms of cards.
But hey! There's a tie! Technically. Hopefully. Eventually. I'll certainly be awaiting this one. The other Diamond Tickets in this are numbered to 15, and wonderfully obnoxious. Apparently somebody on ebay thinks this is worth $2500. Good luck, buddy! Good luck.

There you have it!