Tuesday 29 November 2022

2022 Select Draft Picks Pack Break


I'm always up for a  retail break!

The retail version has a slightly different look to it than the regular hobby version, opting for a blue border as opposed to the traditional silver. I like it a little more than the regular, even if it does nothing when it comes to not making my scanner look filthy.
Of course, there are loud inserts. I think these are exclusive to the retail version as well. 
Are there inserts? Of course! These look the most like a card you'd find from the hobby set. The Unstoppable looks like it might be one of those tie-dye parallels, but this is the base design. 
More base card close the pack. Of course, that Diggs card counts as a Bills card. As it should. Of course, I pull a Hutchinson card after mailing out a package to Ann Arbor. Which I always seem to do. At least I have something to start my first mailer of 2023. 

There you have it!

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