Friday 5 August 2022

Suitable for Framing

 But I was too late, since it already was.

After I hit Dennis @ Too Many Manninghams last month with a somewhat different mailer, I was expecting something a little off with my return. When I was told to watch the mailbox, I knew something unique was on the way.

And unique it was!

The item you see pictured here is a commemorative...plaque? collection? item? that shows ticket reproductions of tickets from all 4 rounds of the playoffs, alongside two coins. 
The tickets used in the reproductions were only for home games in the series, and also limited to games the Raptors won. So, they are from the first games from all the series except the first round, where the lost the opener, so it gets Game #2 of the series. I don't know if the first game featured the Raptor on it, but I approve of any item that features the mascot.
The rest of the tickets are from the first home games, all won by the Raptors. The 2nd and the Finals were the actual Game 1, and the Conference finals were Game 3. I'll admit I expected something a little more spectacular for the tickets for the finale, but I guess when you have to print them with a fairly quick turnaround, you've got to forego the shininess aspect. Shiny cards have spoiled me.
Here's the coin! 
Since it is only logical that a coin has two sides, it makes sense that there are 2 of them in this.
Here's one more look at the whole ensemble. Thankfully, I just need to shell out a little bit of cash now to be able to hang this on a wall. This is where I'd probably suggest something ridiculous like finding a way to place the 30 card commemorative set alongside it, but then I recall that there was a mix of vertical and horizontal cards in it, which would make it a  challenge.

So, this goes solo.

Thanks so much for this great display-friendly item, Dennis!

There you have it!


  1. Glad you liked it! And I still have an idea for something else non-card-related if something like it gets made eventually...