Sunday 28 August 2022

2022 Adventures in Repacks - Part 27 - Sunday Surprises

 The last two Surprise Bags that I've had sitting in my to-be-posted box for ages. Time to restock!

Here's the first one!
I'd comment that I'd be surprised about finding a Paramount card in this, seeing as this really is not a set you see a lot of  in repacks. But then I'd just have to go back to my last post, where I found one that made its way into my Kitchener Rangers alum collection.
Yeah, that Ovie card is nice. But the photo variation from that release is even nicer.
The Binnington will be making its way into the mask binder. And that might be a helmetless in-game photo. But the rest of this is pretty blah.
Those Swedish packs are probably my favourite things from these recent repacks. It really doesn't matter if I don't recognize the names - I like the obscurity factor. Although I did recognize a name in this one, with former Flyers/Islanders goalie Tommy Soderstrom appearing on an insert. This is similar to the Sidelines cards from Pinnacle, but this one is rather boring - just that Soderstrom watches the stock market. 
No Swedish packs in this one. But maybe (doubtful), there will be something worthy of that holder. 
It might not be there in terms of book value, but that wild dive makes the Salo definitely worthy of being preserved in that snap loader. It even towers over the great photo on the Larose. You know the grouping is great when a Satan card from the lost 04-05 season is easily the worst card in the repacked pack.
Sens card! Player falling! Martin Brodeur as the HOFer! That's not too bad either!
And the final 5. This is easily the dullest of the 3 in this on the whole, but that Electric Ice parallel of a super happy Ronnie Stern is again pretty notable, as we have the second helmetless (likely) game photo of this post, as he celebrates one his 9 goals from the previous season.

Even without the Swedish pack, the second one easily contained the more interesting cards.

There you have it!

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