Wednesday, 10 August 2022

2022 Adventures in Repacks - Part 25.3 - 7*11=100

 Here's what was on the other side.

A nice little mask card to start it off. That uniform might not be the Gorton's fisherman one, but it still is pretty ugly. It just looks like they had too many concepts and then couldn't say no to any of them.
More Canvas! Although this would be the final appearance of one of them. Souray is sporting the same uniform style on the front as Nabokov, with the team and number, but it isn't anywhere nearly as abrasive. Damphousse spent 5+ seasons with the Sharks, yet is still seems strange to see him representing San Jose on cardboard.
I guess Claude Lemieux would count as a player I shouldn't be surprised to find helmetless on a card photo. Mark Osborne's educates me on some French, and Eric Lindros provides the greatness of both an acetate card and a food-issue card, as this was a McDonald's issue.
1990 Bowman is 1990 Bowman, but damn if that isn't probably the best trio of players ever placed side by side by side in a grouping of 1990 Bowman. And that's a pretty nice photo on the McCoshen to wrap up this portion.

There you have it!

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