Wednesday 31 August 2022

2022 Adventures in Repacks - Part 28 - Baseball Hanger

This is the final 'new' repack I have. All that's left are a few more 'forgotten but not gone' ones. Better restock! 
Looking behind Yaz, here's what we find. O-Pee-Chee content always warms my Canadian heart, no matter who the player is that gets the bilingual feature. Kolodny never made it above 'A' ball, so I love the obscurity there. And there's some Mets content in it! Even better, it is Heritage Mets content! 
Gypsy Queen isn't really known for having memorable photography on its base cards, so getting a bunt photo on one of them is an unexpected piece of cardboard beauty. That's some horrific airbrushing on that Bohm. I'm not sure if the uniform or batting helmet looks more obvious. Vanguard isn't a set you often see in repacks, so that's also pretty nice. 

Here's your hit! Back-to-back repacks with an acetate auto in this. Perez is still doing the minor-league thing, but missed 2 straight seasons, and this year's stats are dire, with a 0-4 record and an ERA over 9. Still, this is set aside for the Tigers fan on my trade list.

There has been nice stuff so far, but that Van Landingham easily wins the nod for my favourite card in this. That's only because of how his name stretches all the way to his shoulders on the back, and how the photo perfectly captures that. Also - a snowy Christmas card!

Heritage wraps it up.


  1. On card autos are always a win in a repack!

  2. I've seen worse pulls for sure. Good variety and it isn't all junk wax era stuff.