Tuesday 9 August 2022

2022 Adventures in Repacks - Part 25.2 - 7*11=100

 And on the other side!

The less said about this guy right now, the better. I'll just hope this repack was assembled more than 3 months ago. Even though he's been a questionable off-ice person for a bit.
Looks like this is going to be a Canvas Collection hot pack. Which I'm perfectly fine with. The Paul Coffey is a new card for my Kitchener Rangers alumni collection, in all its garishness. There seemed to be a lot of 1995-96 Score in the repack, at least compared to my usual ones. I'm not crazy about the blankness of it, but at least it is still better than 1990 Bowman.
Speaking of 1990 Bowman, there's some of 'em! But at least now I have my first Thetford Mines Canadiens card.
Again, here's some more 1995 Score. Complete with a helmetless cameo from Craig MacTavish. Alas, that Derek Roy is an alumni collection dupe. I guess I could call that Heatley a Sens card, as he had been moved over to Ottawa for the time of this 05-06 card's appearance. Mainly because this would be the final card in this that I can even come close to calling as a Senators one. 

Halfway there!

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