Monday 8 August 2022

2022 Adventures in Repacks - Part 25.1 - 7*11=100


I came across this hanging 'round the 7-11. As usual for these, this breaks nicely into 4 posts of 25 cards each, so I can scan every card without overloading a single post  with a bunch of images. 
Here's your opener! I still find it hard to believe that Vegas has had a team since 17-18, the year of this card.
And that's a solid start with that Canvas of Alfredsson. It is a PC dupe, but that's a nice card to have a dupe of. I'm actually 2-for-2 with PC dupes here, as that Richards is also one for my Kitchener Rangers alumni collection. That NHL brothers is a nice little concept from the junk wax era, even if half of the siblings aren't there.
A couple of nicer sets make their appearance here, with a Premier Plus and Flair appearance. As for the Winnie the Pooh Bruins jerseys...they're still pretty unique. That goal celebration card is also pretty nice for a photo from that era.
Here's the 'Nothing But 90s' portion of this. It may or may not be an in-game photo, but that's still a pretty uncommon sight for a hockey card photo to be helmetless. But sometimes, you just have to let your mullet fly.

There you have it! 75 more to go!

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