Tuesday 16 August 2022

2022 Chronicles Draft Picks Pack Break


Nothing beats a little retail therapy, especially with one of my favourite products - the short attention span randomness that is Chronicles.

Prestige is the first set to appear, with a player that went 3rd overall to the Texans. He also represents the highest overall draft pick from this past season seen in this pack.
Here's some more of the 'paper' base cards. Something they've done with these is to use the retro Donruss and Score portion of the release to only feature veteran/legend content. Which is kinda appropriate for a design that flashes back 30 years. And both would have looked good if they'd actually used the design for football releases at the time. 
The package says nothing about bronze parallels, but there were a pair of them in this. While I didn't land any Bills content in this, either in draft pick or veteran form, at least I did get that Kayvon Thibodeaux. If I can't get a card for a PC, I might as well at least get one that a trade partner will appreciate. Hopefully, I can find an excuse (read: enough cards for a  bubbler) to send this westward for one of Kerry's Good Luck Ducks posts this fall.
Some foil cards! Illusions is another portion of this set that consists exclusively of veteran/retired content, and it really looks spectacular on that Mean Joe Greene Mean Green card. That's easily the best card for me in the pack, and I'm really surprised that there isn't more cards of him with the Green. Strong is a  good last name for a  QB, but he was the only undrafted rookie in this. 
Here's those promised Playoff/Playbook cards. The borders do change colours based on the the team, but you wouldn't know that based on this streak. Kinda boring way to end  this.

But there you have it!

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  1. Short attention span indeed! Thanks for showing them off!