Wednesday 17 August 2022

Mets Miscellany

 Some random Mets content from my COMC to-be-posted folder.

Why I didn't grab that "Once Upon a Time in Queens" set is beyond me. "I'm an idiot" is a suitable answer. But I still have the opportunity to get individual cards from this, and if I'm going to do so - I might as well get the Mets team member in the set that I have the fewest (read: zero) cards of. 
Nickname cards rule!
As do inexpensive relics! Even if they're pinstripe-free plain grey swatches.
I was overseas when the Mets combined for their second no-hitter. That gave me a flashback to the previous time I was in Europe, and it was a challenge to follow the Raptors' fortunes in the 2019 NBA Finals. Meaning that I missed the chance to follow this live, with the game ending at 4:00 AMish Belguim time.  But at least I was able to check in with Topps Now before heading to bed that evening and arrange to have these two cards sent to COMC for far-less shipping than having them sent to my place.
All that effort to get the card, so I might as well show the back as well.

It might not have been used to create the most exciting photo possible of Steve Trachsel, but we still have a 1/1 out of Total to end this.

There you have it!

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  1. I grabbed that Megill Topps Now card too. Unfortunately, right around when it arrived he got hurt! The superstitious part of me blames myself. B^)