Wednesday 10 February 2021

Fresh Faces

 With 2/14 approaching fast, it probably is the best to show off the content from the latest COMC shipment beforehand. Two posts should get that out of the way, dividing it into people making their first appearance in the collection today, with some of the usual names tomorrow.

This portion of the package was a boon for the miscellaneous portion of the collection, with this being the only exception to that. Deguara was a third round pick of the Packers (WOO! Packers! Packers won!) but had his rookie season cut short with an ACL tear. He's the third rookie this season to add to the 2/14 collection content. Raequan Williams was the first, and a third might show up from a group break before Sunday. 
I know very little about the Japanese wrestling content that I've added, except that Mio Sharai, Shoichi uIchimiya and Misae Genki make their debuts here, the latter with two cards.
What little I do know about puroresu still dwarfs what I know about auto racing. But since Jerry McClure does get listed as a 2-14 baby at tcdb, so he counts. He's listed as a team owner on the top card, and who am I to dispute that?
Finally, some politicians. I really only know about these two what Wikipedia tells me, and Shalala was a one-term congresswoman who lost her 2020 re-election attempt (although she was the Health and Human Services Secretary under Bill Clinton). Neal, on the other hand, has been in Congress since 1989, albeit with a switch in districts from the 2nd from the 1st. He's now the chair of the house Ways and Means committee. So...good for him...

And there you have it!


  1. Jerry McClure was one of 4 McClure brothers who owned Morgan-McClure Motorsports, which was in operation from 1983-2009. The 1992 Maxx card shows Ed and Teddy as well. Larry, who was the leader of the team, got his own card. That was my favorite team while it existed. I'll keep an eye on my duplicate stash, if I find any of him I'll send them your way.

  2. I thought that was Keith Hernandez playing a character named Jerry McClure in a movie.