Thursday 18 February 2021

2021 Series 1 Jumbo Break - Packs 3 and 4

Back to the box!

Pack 3:
A really great photo starts this off with Swanson looking ready to set up a play at the plate moment.

 A perfect photograph for a horizontal medium. 
Jays content! Including a pretty sweet Bo Flow.
The Lewis Brinson photo I loved so much in the first post gets the gold foil treatment.

Here's your 1986 for the pack.

This pack provided me with a pair of one-per-box cards. First up was this die-cut of Wade Boggs that I hope I won't have to put into a penny sleeve at any point.
And the manupatch of the box. This is a black /299 parallel. Just what manupatches needed. More of them.

Pack 4:
Winning the photo war here is Osuna looking all the world like he lost a pop-up in the lights. 
A little bit of Cancon in this.
While the 'cardboard fans' photo in my first post may have nicely summarized the 2020 season, a couple mask photos also do pretty well. 

Just some familiar inserts in this one, with a Through the Years joining a couple of repeats from the third pack.

There you have it!


  1. More mask cards and cardboard cutouts are good to mark the year. Still can't get over those small nameplates though.

  2. The Grisham card is very cool. I'm guessing it will be one of the ten best in the set.

  3. Ok - I really, really, hate manufactured patches. But that one is actually bearable!

  4. Still not enough for me to love this set... but I've gotta admit that Grisham photo is pretty sweet.