Thursday 22 August 2019

2019 Adventures in Repacks: Part 22 - Sweet Sixteen

From hobby to retail for today's post, and the classic 16 pack repack from
Wally World, which contained these packs:

2007 MVP
2009 MVP
2009 Series 2
2012 Score * 4
2014 Platinum
2015 Series 1 * 2
2015 Series 2
2016 Series 1 * 2
2016 Series 2
2017 Series 1 * 2

Lots of flagship! I'll go chronologically.
A new card for the 2/14 collection? That's a great way to start this post off! I was surprised I didn't already have this lower-end Kozlov in the binders, but this is card #62 of his. Nice Malkin insert too!
The 2/14 content continued in the second MVP pack with this Brandon Sutter.
As well as in the third pack of the box, as Marian Gaborik appears. While that and the Sutter were dupes, I did get that Biron for the mask binder, so all is still well.
There was Sens content in the Score packs, as The Franchise  insert adds to my Spezza PC. I might be putting a slight hiatus on the Spezza card chase while he spends time in Toronto, but I'll still look for Dallas and Ottawa cards of his. With a great photo from the Net Cam insert set from one of the Heritage Classics and a Crosby appearance, these were pretty solid.
Nothing too noteworthy among the gold parallels. That's the non 2/14 Pyatt.
This die-cut beauty is an easy winner for the best card in the repack. Any appearance of Stanley on a card is automatically a candidate.
A lot of the flagship packs contained Young Guns. And yes, both the 15-16 S1 packs contained a McCann. It is a repack, so I guess I can't get too salty over the collation.
Series 2 of 15-16? Also a YG, and one I feel like I pull a lot of in repack packs as well. 
Here's YG card #4 from the 9 flagship packs that were in this. Mantha's easily the best of this bunch in the repack, which has been really good so far.
What better way to continue the quality from this repack than a hit? If the 4 pack streak of YG cards is going to end, that's a decent way to end this run.
At least this Leafs card qualifies for the mask binder.
And why not end this with one more Young Guns card?

A relic, a Mantha rookie and that die-cut insert of Kopitar? No complaints at all about this!

I'll hit the mailbag again tomorrow, with a really unexpected mailer!