Sunday 5 July 2020

Group Break Miscellany - Part 1

This, and the next post, will highlight some cards I added to my collection through various group breaks, all random mixers, done at the LCS. I've got 5 teams worth of posts, and I'll do an east/west breakdown for them. First up will be the 3 western teams. I'm not scanning everything, just some of my favourites.
I was disappointed when this year's Ice didn't feature acetate cards for the regular base cards. But at least I got one of the acetate SPd Ice Premieres cards.

I did get a couple more notable Canucks cards, but those will have to wait until they've made their journey to Ann Arbor to get shown off.
Fear the beard!
A rather minimalist and illegible autograph. Maybe it is Cyrillic. Which would elevate it greatly beyond an auto of a player with 4 more games in the NHL than I.
This is certainly the biggest of the cards I'm showing off here with a couple things going for it. While it isn't the best looking signature, I can't complain with a nice 3-colour patch. My best guess is that it comes from the '3' on on one of the arm numbers.  And the photo features their throwback/alternate jersey as well. It is rare that the RPAs have a photographic bonus, but here's one!

And there you have it!


  1. Hopefully Yurtaykin plays more than just 4 games in his career for the Sharks.

  2. The Steel RPA is enhanced by the borders actually look like steel. Nice pull!