Tuesday 21 July 2020

Breaking Down the Latest Mailer

Just when I think the trade packages have stopped, another one arrives. This time, it was from Gavin @ Baseball Card Breakdown.
Does a custom card count for the 2/14 binder? Yes, it most certainly does, and this custom of the late Jared Lorenzen moves the late QB to double digits in the binder. I'm guessing this will be the only Northern Kentucky River Monsters card in the collection. And I'm fine with that.
All ready to throw his latest interception.
Here's another custom, this time one that's going to be part of my Jays collection. Blue uniform. Blue glove. Blue Jay.
Here's some more Jays content, all pretty shiny with the exception of Max Pentecost. He went 11th overall to Toronto, and was the latest catcher of the future in Toronto, until injuries derailed his career and he retired in 2019.
The Mets content. Sean Gilmartin had one good rookie season with the Mets, and then fell off the radar, managing only sporadic appearances with them and the Orioles over the remaining years. His wife, Kayleigh, is now getting on the news as the White House spokesperson.
And to end this, here's a couple numbered Mets cards. I really like the Perez, and this has to be my first card of his with his full first name on it. That's proof that anything can enhance a card's value.

Thanks for these great cards, Gavin!


  1. I didn't know she had a husband who made it to the majors.

  2. The Danny Ainge custom is all kinds of special. I haven't seen that one from Gavin yet. Thanks for showing it off!

  3. Glad you like! The Lorenzen was originally made for Wes, and the Ainge for John Miller (a missing Topps All-Star Rookie card), but figured I'd print an extra each for you.

  4. I remember the hype around Timo Perez when he was coming up the Mets farm system. He never lived up to the hype much like other big prospects like Lastings Milledge and Anthony Young, just to name a few of the many. That Ainge card is fire!!!

  5. The Lorenzen and Ainge customs are fantastic. Gavin never disappoints.